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What you should know about Sooner - the University of Oklahoma's yearbook.
College is all about the moments.

Sooner 2017, a 400-page, coffee-table book, will cover 2016-17 for the OU community with stories about academics, athletics, news and all the details of student life outside the Ovals. Ranked one of the top two yearbooks nationwide, Sooner focuses on capturing the year that was with storytelling packages of text, photographs and design. From in-depth profiles on the faculty you will remember forever and inspection of the trends you may want to forget to statistics about our famed sports teams and the latest campus news and events, Sooner 2017 will highlight the stories you'll want to remember. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students: This is your book. Sooner 2017 preserves those memories in a format that will last.

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Meet the people behind the book.

Samantha Bechtold

Samantha is a journalism senior.

Rachel Schaub

Managing editor
Rachel is an English literature and professional writing junior.

Megan Ross

Photography editor
Megan is a journalism sophomore.

Levi Wiltfong

Design editor
Levi is a creative media production junior.

Kaitlynn Maddox

Assistant managing editor
Kaitlynn is an English writing and art photography senior.

Victoria Morrison

Assistant managing editor
Victoria is a professional writing and letters freshman.

Harley Harrell

Assistant photography editor
Harley is an advertising sophomore.

Gabby Velasco

Assistant design editor
Gabby is a an Arabic sophomore.

Grace Allen-Taylor

Business editor
Grace is a sociology junior.

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